May 25, 2019 at 7:17 PM

This week's reminders 5/26

**Hang with Dev - Monday
**Oil change appt - Tuesday
**Meet new John for drinks at Blue Room - Wednesday
**Order butter cream cake for Grandma ASAP
**Pick up watch from Cartier
**Text Mom

Grocery short list: water, bananas, condoms, french bread, spinach, grapes, deli meat

****Heads up: Edward comes in town 6/7, start military diet 6/3****



May 21, 2018 at 7:33 PM

Hi Sweetie, it's Mom. I just wanted to make sure you're still going to make it to Yiayia's birthday party next Saturday. I haven't heard from you in over a week, so I want to remind you and make sure you keep your schedule clear. It's hard enough to round you kids up during the holidays, let alone a birthday. You don't need to bring anything, we have it all taken care of...but do know how much Yiayia loves those fancy cakes you bring her every year. If you do decide to get her a don't have to, but if you do, remember to keep it sugar free...and gluten free...vegan would be best. I know how much you kids love to injest toxins into your bodies, but she's ninety and we want clean foods at this party...which reminds me, I need to call Vaughn and remind him there will be no pizza allowed this time. Anyway, give me a call and let me know you got my message. I love you, darling...oh! Have you heard from Rufus? He's refusing to return my calls, again. Can you remind him about the party and make sure to tell him it starts at 3:00pm so he'll show up on time at 5:00pm? Call me back! Love you.
Call Back
Can we talk?
I'm sorry, Harlene. About the- about the part I played in the intervention... thing. And for telling Rufus. I know it's a terrible excuse, but I wasn't in my right mind. And I hate that the family isn't talking. We all love you and that's the only place any negativity was coming from. Just love and concern for your well being. I swear.
my well-being is fine. like i told vaughn, i get it. i understand being worried, but the way things blew up it turned into something else. i'm not mad anymore, i just don't want to hear shit from anyone anymore about what i do.
do you like it? the job?
it's just a job. sometimes i like it, like if i'm going someplace i haven't been before or to someplace fancy. most of the time i'm indifferent to it and just think of it as getting a paycheck
I never meant to seem judgy or anything. I always felt so ashamed about sex stuff. I guess it's just... hard for me to relate to being so indifferent.
anyway... I know we haven't always been super close but I'll always be your big sister. so if you ever need anything, I'm here. always.
thanks, i appreciate this a lot.
🎷y??? you are so extra i can't deal with you 🤣. are you trolling for pussy right now?
i'm not stopping you. go slang that dick all you want. i just think it's hilarious how you toss out the bait like you're so cute about it when you're not cute at all. your dick is kinda savage
LMFAOOOO i guess emoji puns are my way of making up for my very average cock
stfu you know your cock isn't average. i don't crave average cock
ik i was trying to be humble 🤗
you're not so bad at faking humility. i should've known better than to think you'd be humble about your dick 🙄
you really should’ve but thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt 🤗
fuck off. never again
what’s this sass for???
my sass was because i realized i've been too nice to you lately
LMFAO it's true, you have to knock me back into my place
I'll be in town on June 7. I need you to be available.
of course, my darling. you know i'm available for you whenever you like.
Have you behaved? Are you within range?
i always behave for you, sir.
Show me.
I'll still need to check the scale, but you are perfection.
of course. you know how much i love remaining perfect for you.
Amen to that. You are a very good girl and you will be rewarded for it.
i feel like i still know so little about you
well there's a lot to know about a person and we haven't known one another that long
i know, i just mean when i learn something new it reminds me that i don't know a lot about you
we have time
well i hope so
you don't think?
i do think. the hope is for all the ways that i want to know you
how do you want to know me?
it's complicated. i don't think i can read you well. i'd like to know you well enough to understand your emotions and mannerisms without you having to vocalize them. i'd like to know you to the point where your vulnerability becomes a good thing and not something to be cautious about. maybe know you well enough to experience what your happiness looks like.
how do you think we'll get to that?
can you just forget i said that and we can change the subject?
time, i guess
i think time is the only solution, yeah
with certain people i have this tendency to say things that should remain as thoughts in my head. instead i open up about shit and immediately feel embarrassed. it's too much and over the top and i hate when i do that.
i don't think it was over the top
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